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Rivergator Documentary Film Funding

“It is difficult to begin without borrowing, but perhaps it is the most generous cause thus to permit your fellowmen to have an interest in your enterprise.”
Thoreau, Walden, "Economy"

The biggest creative project to-date - that's been in the works for over a year (!)

This Spring (March 20 - May 10 2017), I have been invited as videographer + documentary filmmaker to join a 6-week canoe expedition, traveling from St. Louis, MO, to the Gulf of Mexico. The trip celebrates the completion of the Rivergator: A Paddler's Guide to the Lower Mississippi River. The Rivergator is a compendium of maps, photo, video, and very detailed information to increase access to the river's ecology and recreational capacity. I am looking to fund the expenses needed to document the entire 45-day expedition.

The Goal of the Rivergator is to promote stewardship, increased access, and betterment of the Lower Mississippi River.


In March 2016, the Mississippi Delta produced the Sunflower River Flood of 2016. Because of this setback, John and his canoe company used up most -if not all - of their grant funding to rebuild their central offices and operations. Any funds from the past to cover basic expenses for this documentary quickly became unavailable. 

I am asking for one thing: your support.

The goal is to raise $6,425 by March 1, 2017.


I know many of you are already devoid of extra funds, donate to charities and organizations, and can't provide funding for this project.  But your help is even more valuable.

Please consider sending this link for the campaign to five or ten close friends and family via email. You can even forward this email I've sent you. The link is here:

I humbly thank you for your help and support through the years. For now, let's get going on some meaningful work ahead.

To quote John Driftwood and abide by his mantra:

"Sincerely yours, in the service of the Big River,"
Magique Noire
Mago Negro
Chris "Black Magic" Battaglia

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