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Patagonia Clothing Donation

Today, the Patagonia store in Freeport, ME, donated 38 pieces of warm clothing to the Lower Mississippi River Foundation (LMRF). The LMRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that runs a youth after-school program called The Mighty Quapaw Apprenticeship Program, getting Mississippi Delta youth on the River, teaching outdoor education and leadership skills. We already know Patagonia's environmental presence is one that "talks the talk, and walks the walk."

The Lower Mississippi River Foundation oversees The Rivergator and the environmental documentary I hope to raise funds for, this Spring 2017

If you champion outdoor education, youth leadership, environmental access + conservation, consider following in these footsteps and donating to our crowd-funding page on Indiegogo to support our documentary effort to preserve on film one of our nation's largest water trails - a landmark in American history, and an area of important environmental concern: